About Us

Hey. Let us tell you a little bit about where you are.

This is not the centerfold of a Teen Beat magazine. This is not your local big-box retailer, with a tiny collection of the latest pop idols or movie stars. We are more than a generic hot car or sexy girl. We are hatched from fandom and incubated in anime conventions and comic book stores. We are innovative. We are revolutionary. We are what YOU want. If you can dream it, draw it, find it or upload it, we will print it. Express yourself in glorious glossy colour. Cover your world in posters by your favourite artists. Heck, cover your world in posters with your OWN art. We won't judge. Whether your passion is anime, hentai, TV, movies, music, fine art, fan art, you name it. Maybe you do love hot cars or sexy girls (who doesn't?), but your taste is a little more niche. Whatever the case, we feel that you should not be limited to what the world tells you is okay to put on your wall. So show a little attitude, and let us help you print YOUR poster.